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[NEUES SPIEL] Skyscraper Defence

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[NEUES SPIEL] Skyscraper Defence

Postby Administrators gupe46 » 30.07.2014, 13:31

Spiel Name: Skyscraper Defence
Beschreibung: This is a fast-paced tower defence-attack game. Requires quick thinking and good strategy to win!

Mercernaries versus gangsters - who will win? Choose your side and see who wins - unique card-based tower defence game - have fun!

You get new cards as you complete different map levels.


Select your cards at the beginning of each game carefully, as they will determine whether you win or lose.

Save up your money and then send out a large wave of units.

Upgrade your towers whenever you can (you can only upgrade when you have an upgrade card!)

Place your towers in key locations on the buildings to mount an effective defence against the enemy.

<strong>Spiel spielen</strong>

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